Roof Cleaning, sealing and Coating.

Power washing of Roofs to rid tiles and slates of Moss, Lichens and grime.

Power washing removes all contaminants from the roof allowing a better preparation for the application of a biocide mix which slows down moss regrowth. This option is carried out if a roof sealer is being applied.

A sealer application places a protective coating on your roof tiles or slates, it will stop the moisture and dampness which moss requires to thrive and grow, from penetrating the roof tiles. The Sealers we use slow down the regrowth process and give a 10yr manufacturers guarantee.

We also carry out re-colouring of roof tiles and slates. This process requires a power wash, biocide solution and then a minimum of 2 coats of roof tile and slate paint.

Once the roof is fully coated we then apply a sealer to give maximum protection.

We have 7 colours to choose from.

We can also carry out a dry roof clean, which involves picking at the moss to remove it and then the application of a biocide kills the moss spores and slows down the regrowth process.
We carry out a soft wash option which requires wetting the roof, applying a soft wash solution then rinsing down the roof to remove remaining moss. A specific soft wash biocide is then applied to kill moss spores and slow down regrowth. This option allows us to carry out the whole cleaning process while remaining off the roof.